A passion and eye for design
A confident and meticulous designer with a natural flair for colour and composition, I enjoy the process of creating engaging designs to help communicate effectively. I have had a lot of experience producing high-quality infographics and layouts for print, online publishing and presentations in my previous job, but this played too small a part in my mostly administrative role, and I decided to quit in 2020 in order to pursue the creative career path I was longing for. 
My wanderings have first led me to surface pattern design, where I enjoy the artistic freedom of creating decorative motifs in seamless repeats, and then back to graphic design again, when I put together my own logo, website and portfolio books to start my freelance business. Following the launch of my website, I was approached by two local start-ups who commissioned me to design their logos. I enjoyed the challenge of using imagery and typography to visually represent the core purpose and values of a business. 
Design very much feels like what I was always meant to do, and I am eager to keep learning and furthering my skills.
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